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Article published on 2015-10-12 by ChelseaStats in Stats of the Day.

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The Statszone 2015-10-04 : Southampton

Article published on 2015-10-11 by ChelseaStats in The Statszone.

The statszone - ChelseaStats

A slightly delayed look at our defeat to Southampton, which saw Chelsea lose at home under Jose Mourinho for just the third time in 102 matches in the Premier League. We use @Statszone for some insight into another defeat for the Champions.

Chelsea began the game well and Willian opened the scoring with his a set-piece goal, extending his streak to one in each of his last four matches.

Statszone Influence Southampton Home 2016

Influence shows Chelsea dominating the game, given the chance to pass sideways and across the back four with relative ease as Southampton sat a little deeper and reduced the space for our attacking players.

Chelsea were poor and didn’t deserve anything from the game but there were a few incidents that had an impact on the scoreline.

  • Ramires conceded a free-kick in midfield for a late challenge. A quick sideways pass, a punt forward, a knock-down and a shot sore Southampton equalise. during this play. Cahill was much deeper than the rest of the back line challenging with Pelle this create space for the runner, who was not tracked at all by Fabregas allowing a free shot. There was no pressure on the player punting it long to Pelle in the first instance either. Overall a poor goal to concede with a number of players at fault.

  • Mane, put the Saints ahead 2 minutes after Falcao had been booked for diving. Like the free kick, the blues had switched off. It was a dive by Falcao who was already going down before the contact from the keeper, and although many could argue they have seen those decisions given for other teams, it doesn’t excuse the player – a long ball towards Cahill who wasn’t able to control the ball and then stumbled somewhat. Terry misread the play and got turned well by Mane.

  • Pelle scores Southampton’s third a minute after falcao received an injury in midfield. Mane already booked for diving appeared to stand on Falcao’s leg – with as much force as Diego Costa did against Liverpool that saw a three match ban. I don’t think either are more than a yellow as it didn’t appear to show excessive force – i.e. it wasn’t a stamp but just a stand upon. Nonetheless it’s probably a yellow card for any Chelsea player caught doing that this season, especially one already booked. Mane made 5 fouls in the game overall, more than any other player. Chelsea took the freekick and Hazard lost possession easily Mane then ran forward to find Pelle who scored a good goal. Had Mane received his second yellow card. Chelsea’s free kick would have been taken more slowly and more directly with defenders pushing forward knowing they were against 10 men and losing 1-2 with the fastest counter attacker in the opposition off the field.

Statszone Goals Southampton Home 2016

I should add Southampton would argue they should have had two penalties and I agree both were enough to be given, but Mane also dived after the contact from Ramires, which probably didn’t help his cause and thus was booked moments late for a similar embellishment. Ivanovic was caught shirt pulling inside the penalty area at a corner. Yes that’s a pen but it’s also happening in both boxes in every game every week. I would love for all of them to be pens, but it just won’t happen.

I don’t think Southampton were doing anything wrong, or the referee had a particularly bad game, other than the fact he seemed to take 30 seconds or more over every free-kick talking to players, his colleagues, marking out the ‘magic spray’ which I found irritating. There are just some moments that directly influence scoring events and it just seems to be a run of bad luck brought about by poor defending, decision making and application.

Statszone Chances Southampton Home 2016

Chelsea created seven chances in the game, Southampton nine, with three versus four coming inside the penalty area. For a home team that is a pretty poor return, especially given just a total of three shots on target in the game and should be focus of concern, rather than the defensive issues, in my opinion.

Statszone Azpilicueta Southampton Home 2016

Azpilicueta was probably the only shining light on the pitch and even he made a number of errors in the game. No player won more tackles than Cesar’s 6 from 7 attempted, no player made more interceptions than Cesar’s 6.

Statszone Crosses Southampton Home 2016

A small quirk in the game, was the fact Ivanovic was the only Chelsea player to block a cross, just one, but of the 29 crosses attempted in the game overall (Chelsea – 14, Southampton 15), none, zero found a teammate. The position of the Chelsea crosses should also be alarming. Where is our right midfield?

Stats Zone is a free iPhone application from fourfourtwo magazine powered by Opta stats and is updated live in-play, and pre-loaded with all data from previous seasons across the top leagues in Europe. You can also follow @statszone on twitter. Check out the Key for the definitions.

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Gameweek 8 2015-16: the Last 38 League

Article published on 2015-10-11 by ChelseaStats in The Last 38 League.

Last38 League

The Last 38 league is a look at how the Premier League table would finish when based on a team’s performance over their last 38 league games based on an idea by @OmarChaudhuri.

The data is updated on a rolling basis after every gameweek and all teams with at least some Premier League experience are included and in some cases for newly promoted sides data will include their previous results even if these occurred several years ago. For the weekly update articles the table has been limited to only show active Premier League teams.

Teams are ordered by PPG, then by PTS, GD and finally by opposition name.

Man City 38 25 5 8 2 17 19 84 37 47 2.105 80
Arsenal 38 25 5 8 7 16 18 71 32 39 2.105 80
Man Utd 38 22 8 8 9 13 19 59 33 26 1.947 74
Chelsea 38 21 10 7 4 15 21 62 41 21 1.921 73
Spurs 38 19 9 10 10 9 23 59 49 10 1.737 66
Liverpool 38 17 10 11 9 16 18 47 46 1 1.605 61
Southampton 38 16 8 14 13 14 14 48 38 10 1.474 56
C Palace 38 16 7 15 13 7 21 47 44 3 1.447 55
Swansea 38 15 10 13 8 12 20 45 49 -4 1.447 55
Stoke 38 14 10 14 10 8 21 48 46 2 1.368 52
Everton 38 13 12 13 15 11 17 44 42 2 1.342 51
West Ham 38 12 12 14 10 11 20 46 47 -1 1.263 48
Leicester 38 13 8 17 11 9 21 52 57 -5 1.237 47
West Brom 38 11 10 17 14 17 13 34 51 -17 1.132 43
Bournemouth 8 2 2 4 2 1 5 10 12 -2 1.000 8
Newcastle 38 9 8 21 13 7 19 38 66 -28 0.921 35
Norwich 38 8 11 19 15 10 18 34 63 -29 0.921 35
Watford 38 7 13 18 19 11 15 28 53 -25 0.895 34
Sunderland 38 6 15 17 16 11 18 31 56 -25 0.868 33
Aston Villa 38 8 8 22 16 8 17 35 58 -23 0.842 32

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