On This Day in history 2014-10-24

A an archive and summary of results, notable moments from our history that happened on this day.

Timeline : Chelsea Match History

Timeline : Chelsea Ladies Match History

No matches played

Timeline : Manager and Player Birthdays

No birthdays on this day.

Timeline : Significant Managerial and Player Dates

Name Date Notes
Robert Carter1931-10-24Scored last goal for the club
Tony Nicholas1960-10-24Scored last goal for the club
Robert Carter1931-10-24Scored first goal for the club
James Hope1931-10-24Played last game for the club
Tony Nicholas1960-10-24Played last game for the club
Stanley Crowther1960-10-24Played last game for the club
James Hope1931-10-24Made debut for the club
Allan Harris1960-10-24Made debut for the club
John Phillips1970-10-24Made debut for the club
Jeffrey Bruma2009-10-24Made debut for the club

Timeline: Days Since...

Days Date Team Competition Notes
195481961-04-17Tottenham HotspurDIV1Last time won the 1st Division/Premier League
89381990-05-05LiverpoolDIV1Last time won the 1st Division/Premier League
49412001-04-14FulhamDIV2OLDLast time won the 2nd Division/Championship
42542003-03-02LiverpoolLCLast trophy, excluding C/Shield, won at 90 minutes. i.e. not in ET, golden goal or pens.
42312003-03-25ChelseaFACLast lost in 90 minutes at home in the FA Cup
34492005-05-15ArsenalPREMLast finished in the top 2 league places
24342008-02-24Tottenham HotspurLCLast trophy, 1-2 AET win vs CHELSEA at Wembley
16292010-05-09ChelseaPREMLast time won the 1st Division/Premier League
9712012-02-26LiverpoolLCLast trophy, 3-2 win on penalties vs Cardiff at Wembley.
8882012-05-19ChelseaUCLLast trophy, 4-3 penalty win vs Bayern Munich in Munich (1-1 FT, AET)
5502013-04-22Manchester UnitedPREMLast time won the 1st Division/Premier League
5272013-05-15ChelseaUELLast trophy, 2-1 win vs Benfica in Amsterdam
752014-08-10ArsenalCSLast trophy, 3-0 win vs Man City

Major Trophies only (League, FA Cup, League Cup, Community/Charity Shield, Champions League, Europa League, Club World Cup, and European Super Cup).