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A Goalscoring Goodbye

Article published on 2012-05-29 by ChelseaStats in Players, Stats of the Day.

Chelsea confirmed that Didier Drogba will be leaving the club this summer. CFC fans will have many great memories of the Ivorian striker although none better than his goal and penalty against Bayern Munich to help Chelsea win the UEFA Champions League trophy.

Here is a list of the players that have scored for Chelsea on their final appearance giving the fans a goalscoring goodbye.

Player Name Date vs Goals
Didier Drogba 19/05/2012 Bayern Munich 1
John Terry* 13/05/2012 Blackburn 1
Raul Meireles* 13/05/2012 Blackburn 1
Jesper Gronkjaer 15/05/2004 Leeds Utd 1
Dennis Wise 19/05/2001 Man City 1
Dan Petrescu 24/04/2000 Man Utd 1
Gianluca Vialli 16/05/1999 Derby 1
Brian Laudrup 05/11/1998 FC Copenhagen 1
Frank Sinclair 29/03/1998 Middlesbrough 1
Andy Townsend 08/05/1993 Sheffield United 1
Jason Cundy 21/03/1992 Sheffield United 1
David Speedie 09/05/1987 Liverpool 1
Mickey Thomas 14/05/1985 Norwich City 1
Bryan Robson 05/03/1983 Charlton Athletic 1
Garry Stanley 14/05/1979 Arsenal 1
Duncan McKenzie 20/01/1979 Man City 1
Peter Feely 23/09/1972 Ipswich 1
Ian Hamilton 09/05/1967 Leicester 1
Allan Young 22/02/1967 Brighton 1
John Mortimore 26/04/1965 Blackpool 1
Dennis Brown 11/11/1964 Swansea City 1
Graham Moore 02/11/1963 Birmingham 2
Derek Kevan 21/05/1963 Portsmouth 1
Michael Block 14/10/1961 Leicester 1
Jimmy Greaves 29/04/1961 Nottingham Forest 4
Tony Nicholas 24/10/1960 Workington Town 1
John McNichol 29/01/1958 Darlington 1
Seamus O’Connell 11/02/1956 Man City 1
Benny Jones 14/04/1952 Aston Villa 1
Peter Tuck 03/11/1951 Stoke 1
Ray Goddard 14/02/1948 Wolves 1
Jimmy Argue 07/09/1946 Liverpool 1
Wilf Chitty 09/04/1938 Leicester 2
Hughie Gallacher 03/11/1934 Leeds Utd 1
Stanley Prout 08/04/1933 Leeds Utd 1
Alex Jackson 16/04/1932 Man City 1
William Brown 14/01/1928 Wolves 1
Robert Turnbull 26/12/1927 Grimsby Town 1
John Browning 21/02/1920 Leicester 1
William Steer 15/03/1913 Everton 1
Arthur Wileman 09/04/1910 Sheffield Wednesday 1
Frank Pearson 28/04/1906 Bristol City 1

* (Currently still a Chelsea player)

There are 42 players that have scored on their final Chelsea appearance (including John Terry and Raul Meireles). The first person with a goalscoring goodbye was Frank Pearson back in Chelsea’s first ever season. It wasn’t until four years later until Arthur Wileman became the second player.

The first player to score more than once was Wilf Chitty back in 1938 in a game vs Leicester. The only other players to do this are Graham Moore (2 goals vs Birmingham) and Jimmy Greaves who actually scored 4 goals in his farewell appearance vs Nottingham Forest.

23 players signed off at Stamford Bridge, 17 away and 2 at neutral venues. These two players are Didier Drogba and Frank Sinclair (in a 2-0 win vs Middlesbrough in the 1998 League Cup final).

The most common teams for players to score their final goal against are Leicester (4), Man City (4) and Leeds Utd (3).

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