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Frank Lampard Penalty Record

Article published on 2013-01-28 by ChelseaStats in Players.

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A complete list of Frank Lampard’s penalties for Chelsea .

In a follow up to The Art of the Penalty Kick by @FootballFactMan that analyses the extraordinary penalty record of Frank Lampard, The English midfielder has since gone on to score more and this articles captures his penalty career at Chelsea.

The table below includes penalty shoot outs and friendlies as a summary but these do not contribute to his recorded goals for the club, and are excluded from the summary statistics below.

Date Team Placed Keeper KeeperDived Type Outcome
2003-11-09 Newcastle Right Given Right In Game Goal
2003-11-30 Man Utd Left Howard Right In Game Goal
2004-08-28 Southampton Left Niemi Right In Game Goal
2004-10-27 West Ham Right Walker Right In Game Saved
2005-01-15 Spurs Left Robinson Left In Game Goal
2005-05-15 Newcastle Middle Given Right In Game Goal
2005-09-24 Villa Left Sorensen Left In Game Goal
2005-10-02 Liverpool Left Reina Left In Game Goal
2005-10-26 Charlton Right Andersen Right Shoot Out Goal
2005-10-29 Blackburn Right Friedel Left In Game Goal
2005-11-26 Portsmouth Right Ashdown Left In Game Goal
2006-02-08 Everton Right Martyn Right In Game Goal
2006-03-07 Barcelona Left Valdes Right In Game Goal
2006-08-29 Blackburn Right Friedel Right In Game Goal
2006-09-09 Charlton Right Carson Right In Game Saved
2006-09-23 Fulham Middle Niemi Right In Game Goal
2007-01-06 Macclesfield Right Morley Right In Game Goal
2007-03-14 Man City Right Isaksson Left In Game Goal
2007-05-01 Liverpool Right Reina Right Shoot Out Goal
2007-07-28 Rangers Right McGregor Right Friendly Saved
2007-08-05 Man Utd Right Van der Sar Right Shoot Out Saved
2007-08-19 Liverpool Right Reina Left In Game Goal
2007-12-08 Sunderland Left Ward Right In Game Goal
2008-03-01 West Ham Right Green Left In Game Goal
2008-03-12 Derby Left Carroll Right In Game Goal
2008-04-30 Liverpool Left Reina Right In Game Goal
2008-05-21 Man Utd Left Van der Sar Left Friendly Goal
2008-08-01 Lokomotiv Right Pelizzoli Right Friendly Goal
2008-08-17 Portsmouth Right James Right In Game Goal
2008-09-24 Portsmouth Left James Left In Game Goal
2008-11-12 Burnley Right Jensen Left Shoot Out Goal
2009-04-11 Bolton Right Jaaskelainen Left In Game Goal
2009-07-22 Inter Left Belec Right Friendly Goal
2009-08-09 Man Utd Middle Foster Left Shoot Out Goal
2009-08-18 Sunderland Right Fulop Right In Game Goal
2009-10-24 Blackburn Right Robinson Left In Game Goal
2009-10-31 Bolton Right Jaaskelainen Left In Game Goal
2009-12-05 Man City Right Given Right In Game Saved
2009-12-16 Portsmouth Middle Begovic Left In Game Goal
2009-12-20 West Ham Left Green Right In Game Goal
2010-02-27 Man City Right Given Left In Game Goal
2010-03-27 Villa Right Friedel Right In Game Goal
2010-03-27 Villa Right Friedel Right In Game Goal
2010-04-25 Stoke Left Sorensen Right In Game Goal
2010-05-09 Wigan Right Pollitt Right In Game Goal
2010-05-15 Portsmouth Right James Right In Game Wide
2010-08-28 Stoke Left Sorensen Left In Game Saved
2011-01-02 Villa Middle Friedel Right In Game Goal
2011-02-01 Sunderland Right Gordon Left In Game Goal
2011-02-19 Everton Right Howard Right Shoot Out Goal
2011-03-01 Man Utd Middle Van der Sar Right In Game Goal
2011-03-07 Blackpool Left Kingson Right In Game Goal
2011-07-27 Kitchee Middle Zhenpeng Left Friendly Goal
2011-08-27 Norwich Middle Rudd Right In Game Goal
2011-09-21 Fulham Right Schwarzer Right Shoot Out Saved
2011-12-03 Newcastle Left Krul Left In Game Saved
2011-12-12 Man City Middle Hart Left In Game Goal
2012-03-14 Napoli Right De Sanctis Right In Game Goal
2012-04-04 Benfica Right Moraes Right In Game Goal
2012-04-09 Fulham Right Schwarzer Right In Game Goal
2012-05-19 Bayern Middle Neuer Right Shoot Out Goal
2012-08-19 Wigan Right Al-Habsi Left In Game Goal
2012-08-22 Reading Right Federici right In Game Goal
2013-01-05 Southampton Right Boruc Left In Game Goal
2013-01-12 Stoke City Middle Begovic Right In Game Goal
2013-01-20 Arsenal Left Szczesny Right In Game Goal
2013-04-28 Swansea Right Vorm Right In Game Goal
2013-08-18 Hull City Right McGregor Right In Game Saved
2013-11-23 West Ham Middle Jaaskelainen Right In Game Goal
2014-04-05 Stoke City Right Begovic Right In Game Saved

Goalkeepers have dived to their right on 64.91% of Lampard’s penalties and 71.43% of Lampard’s penalties that have been saved have been struck to the goalkeeper’s right hand side (5 of 7 saved).

Lampard has dragged just 1 of his 57 penalties wide – the Fa Cup final vs Portsmouth (David James).

Type Down Middle Keeper’s Left Keeper’s Right GT
Goal 9 14 26 49
Saved 0 2 5 7
Wide 0 0 1 1
GT 9 16 32 57

56.14% of Lampard’s penalties are aimed to the goalkeeper’s right hand side compared to just 15.79% to the middle and 28.07% to the keeper’s left.

Keeper Goal Saved Wide Grand Total
Friedel 5 0 0 5
Given 3 1 0 4
Begovic 2 1 0 3
Jaaskelainen 3 0 0 3
James 2 0 1 3
Reina 3 0 0 3
Sorensen 2 1 0 3
Green 2 0 0 2
Niemi 2 0 0 2
Robinson 2 0 0 2

Lampard has scored 5 of 5 penalties take against Brad Friedel and 3 of 3 against Pepe Reina.

Lampard has scored 3 of 4 penalties against Shay Given and now 2 of 3 against Begovic.

Data correct as of the 6th April  2014.

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